New Year’s Resolutions

I have been doing yoga. Though my posting had stopped. There were some days I skipped. The day after Thanksgiving and Christmas day and one or two days of not feeling so hot…but mostly I’ve been cruising right along.

I try to get up early before everyone is up. The twinkling Christmas tree kept me company for the longest time! Every once in a while I do a power yoga class I found on utube just to keep it interesting. I’m still running some, doing body weight exercises and eating primal.

We just went to the farm show where some of the best exhibits are food. I ate meatballs out of a sandwich and a sweet potato. Whew!

We will be returning to the farm show so more looking for the gem protein and veg combo in a sea of junk to come.

Things have been interesting. Though I have not lost any weigh, I am definately stronger. The primary series would always have an ache in some part of the body to go with it. Not anymore. No pains come and stay during the practice. I feel good. My left hamstring I pulled a few months ago is still ouchy but hasn’t slowed me down at all.

Last month I added a strength based work out to improve fitness. It’s just do as many of each exercise as you can (push-us, squats, dips, lunges, pull-ups) then do the plank as long as you can, repeat 3 times. I do this a couple times a week. Then maybe once a week I do sprints (warm up and then very briefly sprint all out, repeat 6 times). I can feel my hamstring screaming just thinking about that. I did these this morning. But no new injury.

The point of the story is, I have not been running since August. 4 months. Brian got me a heart rate/GPS watch for Christmas. I’m surprised to be going between two and four miles no problem. I feel fitter. My neck is still killing me. I just need to do some of my neck/shoulder exercises and I’ll be back to good.

We made a bet with another couple: Who could lose the most weight between now and April 1st? Let the games begin!