Yoga has been status quo this week.

I didn’t do the whole practice today.  I did till janushirshasana or through all three hurdler-like stretches.  I’m feeling sore from doing push-ups, squats, pull-ups, and planks yesterday till failure x3.  I walked today w/ a friend and that loosened me up but my left hamstring has been really hurting since sprints.  I am craving more sprints and I have them on the docket tomorrow.  This time, I better warm up well beforehand and be a bit more aware of how it feels.

Speaking of tomorrow and the weekend, this Sunday I will have completed 21 days of the 21 day transformation (marksdailyapple.com).  I know I have to do a better job counting carbs so I can see where I am with that.  I am feeling better, stronger, more energy, more awake and less foggy thinking etc.  I’d like to continue forward w/ this.  That would include  eating more local meats, eggs, dairy.  Eating more veggies.  Keeping track of my goals on fitday.com!  Doing strength exercises a couple times a week and a sprint exercise once a week.  Plus a couple longer aerobic fun activities.  Also, just being less rigid about everything.  Being kinder to myself.  Relaxing.  Having fun.  Being more flexible.  🙂

What this really means is trusting.  Trusting the food will be there when I need it.  The time to workout will be there when I need it.  Trusting I will feel motivated.  I can take a rest day if I feel like it – it doesn’t mean I won’t exercise again for months.  Trusting, sometimes I miss a meal, sometimes I eat too much, it all works out in the end.  Trusting myself.  I’m not sure where I lost that trust and started trying trying.  I know I can get there.  It feels like climbing on the back of an alligator and rolling down the river w/ him.  I have to trust he won’t drown me, eat me or leave me stranded.  Instead,  just go with the flow.  It’s about trusting bigger things too–life, others, the inner voice, God, etc.  I honestly know I can trust a lot of these things.  My life has been pretty wonderful so far.  Again, I’m not really sure where I lost the trust but I feel myself relaxing.  Exhaling, letting go.  Ahhhhhh   It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok.  I’m ok.  I made it.  It’s ok.

I feel like I’m in a scene in Good Will Hunting.

Ta ta!


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