Day 13

I took a primary series, led ashtanga class this morning.  Strange to go back to a place (meaning an ahstanga class) I’ve been so many times as such a different person.  Now that I’m a mom.  I’m so much more humble.  I’m so much more careful of my body and listening to pain.  I did the same practice that could make me throw-up practically when I first did ahstanga, but it wasn’t that physically hard.  I guess I’m stronger?  I don’t think so.  I’m considerably less flexible.  I think I’m just more relaxed so there is less effort.  It’s very interesting.  I enjoyed doing a class led by someone else.  I enjoyed how informal the place was.  I missed working so hard I felt completely spent for the rest of the day and relaxed.  Instead it is just business as usual for me.



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  1. Wonderfui growth. Good job!!

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