Today I stopped in the middle of the day to stand at the top of my mat, hands in prayer position, eyes just closed, about to begin yoga when I noticed me all fluttering and alive in contrast to the very non-living stillness around me. Being alive is so unique.

I love all the custom made biological descriptions of life: i.e. these are the things we can say about things that live: Blah blah blah. Holy mackerel, that does NOT explain this. I’m not even meaning the spirituality stuff–Is it explained by biology? etc. I mean just the biology. This is a WAY incredible design! I’m humming along, pushing blood, filtering this, digesting that, shooting neurotransmitters across synapses all while standing there. Standing! What a a feat of mechanics in itself! — essentially a tower that folds and bends and reaches without falling over – usually. And this tower is not permanently affixed to the ground. The simplest thing, is monumentally impressive compared to what we can build. The ideas in the tiny cell are more complex and capable of creating feats of construction (not to mention life) than we can create collectively. Life really is a mystery. A respect-worthy mystery. Not like, “Wow! Look at that life thing,” but like, the tiny chick in your hand, or a butterfly wing compared to the non-living stuff. We are so fragile bombing through here.

Today’s practice went well. I got on the mat at lunchtime after drinking a chia kombucha. Yum! I am a bit more slowed down. A bit more focused. I noticed that being slower and gentle has made me get into the poses more deeply while respecting what my body can do without pain. I notice the bad habits, like overextending my shoulders in down dog beyond where my heels are flat is unnecessary and painful. With attention, I am breaking old habits. I can feel my body open and go to the poses, extended and full.

The yoga workshop I signed up for this weekend was canceled, not enough participants. I’m sure this is a gift, a gift to not push it.


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