Tonight, once again, I thought, “Not gonna do it today.”  I made it through the whole day and when we were about to watch LOST I said, I haven’t done yoga today.  Brian said, no TV, go do yoga.  Ugh.  He was right.  I think the idea here too is to understand it’s my version of prayer.  I live in my body.  This is what I do to pray.  This is not exercise or a to do list.  This is peace.

So much has changed.  In the very beginning, this summer on my first attempt at yoga everyday, I really got the breathing going w/ each pose, moving with breath.  This sustains me.  Today I really got the ujjayi pranayama –slowing down the breath by making an H sound in a whisper at the back of your throat w/ mouth closed — slows down me rushing through my practice.  Not that I take more breaths or even, I don’t think, that each breath is longer…but somehow I got way more grounded, way more out of my head and into my body, and way more slowed down (though as I said, at the same pace) through focus on ujjayi breath.  This also activates the diaphragm, strengthening the core but also giving a very strong center to each pose.

I also really noticed tonight my feet were on the mat.  Like poured out of a glass and spread out!  I was touching ground in a way I never feel in the morning.  This suction cup-like feel to the earth gave me that deepening strength in my core, I believe, like leaning back and slouching a little into your chair, relaxed and immovable.

Gentleness.  Seeping into me.  Gentleness washing over me.



One thought on “Pranayama

  1. Besides all that ‘LOST” sucks hahaha glued to the floor, eh? very cool . . .

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