Do Nothing Extra

I have been waking up sore and feeling exhausted the past two days.  I am feeling really sore and the sore throat returned last night.  I got right on the mat mid-day though, thinking I’d breeze through.  Instead, I had a lot of trouble with balance.  I actually stubbed my toe–very hard–in one of the sun salutations.  Ouch!  Then in standing forward fold, while standing on my own hands (so I could never catch myself) I almost fell forward crashing into our entertainment center.

I sort of slinked softly through the rest of the poses trying not to disturb my equilibrium.  Something about the practice being my prayer, I think, threw me.  If this was to be my prayer, I could no longer zip through, rushing, and pounding.  I HAD TO SLOW DOWN.  I had to be present.  My thoughts can wander a million different ways.  This was becoming physically precarious.  I gently allowed my body to feel its way through the rest of the poses.  I lay in shavasana (corpse pose) once before the end of the practice.  I finished the practice and promptly fell asleep in shavasana.

I feel whole.  I connected some inner circle.  Patient, on the earth.  I remember reading in a Tai Chi book :  “Breath, feel the earth, do nothing extra.” Yes.


One thought on “Do Nothing Extra

  1. Yup, relax and give yourself a break in your head and the body will follow. Good stuff.

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