Drishtis and Bandhas

No alarm today.  I woke and went down the stairs.  Found “yoga” music on Pandora and zipped through the practice.  This is getting easier.  I could feel a reminder of the lift, the magic, the flow, the twinkling lights, the many retreats attended that left me not just renewed but new.  I have been so blessed with so many experiences to reconnect to as I go through the poses I begin to float a little.

I wish I could take a mental snapshot through the whole practice and pass it along.  The sun salutations felt like they took longer today.  I’m aware that I am not doing all the yoga “push-ups” w/ every vinyasa or sun salutation.  I can’t fold in half very well in the morning.  I am much more stiff in my neck in the mornings as well.  I LOVE trikonasana or triangle pose, the way it unhinges all that gets stuck in my hips.  I used to think the hardest part of the practice was after boat pose.  Now I think there’s barely any practice left after boat pose.  🙂  Though again, I am aware part of it is because alone, I just don’t quite kill myself the way I do in a class setting.  I’ll get there. I signed up for a workshop next month.  Ashtanga for Women.

I used to teach Ashtanga, count in sanskrit, know all the names of the poses in order, drishtis (where you gaze), bandhas (muscles you hold).  It wasn’t that long ago.  Here I come!


One thought on “Drishtis and Bandhas

  1. Excellent, daughter of mine. I love your terrible sense of purpose and dedication. Good work!

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