Day 5

Last night was trick-or-treat night.  I had a little too much candy for dinner.  🙂  I think my whole family woke up with a sugar hang over!  Ella was wearing her new sunglasses saying, “Sun off me!”  I did not do yoga in the morning.  I did not do it in the afternoon.  I did not do it before dinner.  Or after dinner.  I didn’t do it until right before bed!  Whew!  Got that in under the wire.  I ate too much Indian food for dinner too.

It was the end of the day and I was convincing myself that I didn’t have to do it today.  I could just skip today.  I’ll just roll out the mat and sit for a few minutes of meditation.   Then I remembered yesterday’s pick a “pray-for-us” someone and help yourself get focused.   I needed a big one today to stick me on the mat.  Once I did the picking and started the practice it flew by.   I feel capable and strong.  There are some poses I can’t do but so much is changing already.  Specifically, back in the summer, I started the everyday yoga doing only the practice to the hurdler’s stretches and feeling sore for days after.  Now I do the full practice w/ all vinyasas.   I can finally hold back bend for five breaths again.  I could not even get up into back bend five days ago!

These are links for the yoga I’m doing:

Ashtanga Yoga Origins

See the poses I do at Ashtanga Primary Series


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