Enjoy Life!

Day 3
Another day of yoga down! High fives!

So, I really pressed myself into a corner yesterday and even though I have a monster sore throat and coughed up some stuff w/ blood in it and Brian yelled at me to go to the doctor…I did it! I did it!  Aside from my morning drama about a sore throat, I could feel underneath it all, I was fine. I had to get on the mat.

Now, I did whine for a while in the morning so I got behind and Ella woke and I didn’t finish the cooling sequence.  I’m going to have to live with that.  Maybe I’ll do it later?  We’re potty training. I want to get there and let her go pee pee. So anyway. I’m pretty psyched b/c I had to hit myself on the head pretty hard w/ the stuff I wrote yesterday to get me on the mat today. And dang, it worked.  Now I’m all happy and proud of myself. At least for now.

I should mention that when I started this blogging — happen stance — I also started the Primal Bluepring 21-Day Total Body Transformation (Marksdailyapple.com).  This sounds like canned crap you should stay away from but in reality it is about eating food — not processed “food stuff,” and about chilling out and enjoying life a little more:  Enjoy nature, enjoy your relationships. Good stuff, really.

I asked my mom when she was dying was there anything she wanted to tell me?  (yeah, great, I was only thinking of myself in the that moment!?)  She said, “Enjoy life.”  In the aftermath of her death my life sort of crashed.  I made a little sign w/ her saying on it for my mirror.  I knew it was a kernal of truth but I just could not wrap my mind around it, much less my life.  Enjoy what?

I just want to say today, “Mom, I’m there. I get it.”  And I found a door mat at Bed, Bath and Beyond that states it for all the world to see!

Enjoy Life!

I love you Mom!


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