The Gifts of Yoga

I’m writing this to hold myself accountable to doing ashtanga yoga everyday.

Day 1 (of the blogging, day 4 or 5 of the yoga everyday):

Today went great. I heard Brian’s alarm, heard him get in the shower, heard the voice in my head say get downstairs on the mat before Ella wakes up.  I did it. I got up in the cold and put on some random cloths and I got down there in the dark.


The practice went well. I put on Pandora “Spa Suite.” The music was very kind and gentle and really affected my practice. I felt loving and less just smashing it out and hurriedly completing it and more like each pose was doing a great kindness to myself. That was profound. I usually only have on and off. Get it done or lay on the couch — no subtleties and certainly no “love yourself with this practice” notions. I felt like a warm rain was running rivulets over my body, slowing my pace, deepening my breath, stopping me from rushing.  I couldn’t find my cheat sheet and it was fine.

I’m impressed by muscle memory. I’m impressed by how much this practice centers and grounds me. I’m impressed by how much lovin’ I’m getting now that I decided to really do this EVERYDAY. That’s how this started. I was praying. Begging God — help me! He said — do your yoga practice everyday. And it wasn’t for physical reasons — it was to get my head right. To stop rushing, doing doing, planning planning, sweeping people aside as I do do do…gotta go and then get so grumpy and exhausted by the end of the day I’m either raving mad or asleep by 8:00! This was not a good way to love my husband.  I had to get my butt on the mat attached to the floor one pose at a time rooted to the earth b/c otherwise I might spin right off the planet.  Alone.

And I’m getting there. This is my second attempt at yoga everyday.  I’m taking it more seriously this time. God is not joking around. I figure, why pray if you don’t listen.

Thank you for the gifts.


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